Thursday, June 26, 2014

Book Talk Tuesday on a Thursday

Boy, it seems that I am behind with everything this week! I am linking up again this week with Deanna Jump for her weekly Book Talk! I really love this linky because it is providing us with some awesome children's literature to use with our kiddos. it is nice to have this resource!!!

So, my choice for the

is How to Wash A Woolly Mammoth written by Michelle Robinson. Can I just tell you I LOOOOOOVVVVEEE this book! 

This is a about a little girl who owns a woolly mammoth and wants to give it a bath. The book has adorable pictures and easy text for the readers to read and to understand. It provides us with the steps of how to wash a woolly mammoth. The illustrations tell the story beautifully and the kids loved it! The pictures made them giggle! I recommend this book to anyone who teaches how to writing!!
Here are some of the pages:

Here are a few things I made to use with this book. Feel free to use them!
Thanks for visiting and click on the picture below to see some more awesome books!!

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