Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Notice and Note Section 5

Hello there! I am back to discuss another section of this amazing book! We read section 5 for today!

2014 Notice and Note Book Study

How do I judge text complexity?

 What I loved about this section is that the author's did not waste our time with the usual response when it comes to text complexity. Everything is Lexile Levels. What one must realize is that the lexile levels do not take into consideration the content. Yes, they say it is for this level but it may not be appropriate for the students. Well, finally, someone is discussing the complexity of  text in terms of the human aspect! Do the students have the background to understand the text?

One thing we must remember before we share any book with our students or choose a book to be a read aloud or for a book study is that we should preview and read the book ourselves to insure that it is appropriate for our students!

Are we creating lifelong learners?

If you are referring to myself and my classroom, I would emphatically say yes, yes I am! I am always telling and showing my students how important it is to learn something new everyday. I always tell them about my trainings and the classes that I still take. It is important for us to remember that in order for us to create lifelong learners, we ourselves must be lifelong learners! By sharing our experiences and our passion for learning, we in turn are creating lifelong learners!

So, I want you to sit back and think about the last question I discussed: Are we creating lifelong learners? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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