Thursday, June 12, 2014

Notice and Note Book Study Section 4

Well, hello, everyone! We are getting together again to discuss this awesome book, Notice and Note! Head on over to the blog of the awesome DillyDabbles to see what the host of this section has to say!


Today we will be discussing:

2014 Notice and Note Book Study

So let's begin!

Do Text Dependent Questions Foster Engagement? First of all to answer this question, one must understand what a text dependent question is. It is a question that does not get answered by how a student would feel. It is a question where the answer comes from the text. This is not engaging because it causes the conversation to be monologic. That is the teacher asking and the students answering. Where is the engagement in this? This is reading for information not reading for understanding! In order for the reader to be engaged, they must enter into a dialog with the text. It should not be a Monologic dialog! To make this more engaging, have the students create the questions. This will have them interacting more with the text in order to create higher order and rigorous questions regarding the text they are reading.

Must Everyone Read the Same Book? The answer is yes although many will argue that a student should read only books that are at their instructional or independent levels. The students will get more out the book by reading and discussing it as a group then by independently reading a book in class. Through these experiences, students will be able to see different point of views, different ways this text can relate to others as well as seeing things through the eyes of others. But one thing we must remember, when we have all students read the same book, fluency is not a factor. There will be some who will not read the text fluently due to the fact that it is not at their instructional or independent levels. The author made a great point and that is "the problem isn't we ask the students to read the same book. It's that we expect them to read it in the same way." (page 50)

This section was very interesting and enlightening! Please click on the pictures below to read what these amazing educators have to say about this section!


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