Thursday, June 18, 2015

Teaching with Intention Book Study Chapter 1

Oh my!!! I am so behind on this amazing book study. Thanks to my gracefulness!! But I am now back in the saddle and here I go!!!!

A few of my good friends from #teacherfriends and I wanted to do a book study, so we said hmmm lets do Teaching with Intention by Debbie Miller. We were all set to go when we heard that Kindergarten Smorgasboard already had one planned so we said no problem and we joined this one!!! 

If you do not have a copy of this awesome book just click on the picture below to order one!!

So I am linking up with Primary Possibilities for Chapter one!

I loved the first chapter! After 20 something years of teaching, I still am striving for the ideal classroom. I really do not think that I will realistically get my ideal classroom because there are too many outside factors and changes that occur that prevent this but I know that I will get my almost ideal classroom. There have been years when i thought, I got it and then something happens and nope I do not have it. I will sit and sit and sit  and plan and plan and visualize! Now don't get me wrong, every year I love my classroom but it is not my Ideal Classroom!

When anyone enters my ideal classroom, they never want to leave! They are engrossed in the activity that is taking place. They feel safe and welcome. The colors and the sounds create a haven in which they never want to go! The ideal classroom would be the place where others come to escape from the real world and to relax and feel a part of something that is fun, amazing, worthwhile and unforgettable!

The look of my ideal classroom is open space and lots of it! Very little furniture and a lot of technology! My kids would have balls to sit on and lap desks to use instead of desks! My room would have built in cabinets and shelves that will provide me with plenty of storage for organizing my materials. IPads for all students.  There would be a small group area, a gigantic library that goes throughout the entire room not just in one specific area. Unfortunately, the area that I have now does not allow me to have a lot of open space due to the fact that I have to have desks. I can not have my library extend throughout my entire room because I do not have the space. My cabinets and shelves are minimal and therefore I have made many myself. 

Budgets are such a bore and these are what prohibits my Ideal classroom from taking place!

Sounds of the ideal classroom have been achieved! My students laugh and talk and sing. Music is played throughout the day! 

Here are some of the music I play throughout the day!

and of course the ideal classroom is full of #Gonoodle and Class Dojo

In the ideal classroom, the teacher is facilitating and the students are engrossed in deep conversation and learning. Students have more say in the ideal classroom. Technology is used throughout the day by the students. 

This is easy! Organization and clutter! I need to work on this tremendously! I know the saying if the room is not messy then there is no learning going on but I have to admit that there are some days when I just want to scream and pull my hair out because of my clutter and my organized chaos!

I have already begun the process of students having more say and input. The classroom environment is inviting! I have the music playing and the Gonoodle and Class Dojo in place. The kids are laughing and communicating as well as learning and smiling! I am beginning to be a little more organized!

So there you have it! My thoughts on Chapter 1! Now click below to see what some other educators think about and have to say about chapter one!

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