Friday, June 19, 2015

Learn Like a Pirate Book Study Chapter 3

I am linking up with the Primary Gal for her book study of Learn like a Pirate by Paul Solarz!

As many of you know I am an avid advocate and believer in the whole Teach Like a Pirate philosophy so when I saw this book study, i was like YES!!!!

I had the privilege of going and hearing David Burgess make his philosophy and book come to life and that is where I saw this awesome book!

Dave Burgess Teach Like A Pirate

If you do not have this book and would like to read it, click on the book below!

So here we go with Chapter 3
Chapter 3 is all about Peer Collaboration! It is very important to model and teach what you expect the students to do. There are many conflict resolution solutions that teachers should model and teach the students in order for the classroom to run smoothly and be a true student led classroom.

I love these quotes from the book:

Here are my take aways for this chapter!

Can Not wait until I finish reading Chapter 4!

Click on the picture below to go see what some other awesome educators have to say about this chapter!

The Primary Gal

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  1. Love how you made the slides for your reflection of this chapter. I enjoyed reading your blog.