Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Building Math Comprehension Book Study Chapter 2

 I am linking up with Teacher Mom for Chapter 2 in this awesome book, Building Mathematical Comprehension. 

This chapter is about vocabulary. I enjoyed this chapter because I thoroughly believe that the children need to understand what they are learning and know what the terms mean in order to be successful and in order to be able to use this material in real world situations and in situations that are occurring outside of the classroom.

If you do not have the book, click on the book below to go to Amazon:

I have always been a firm believer that vocabulary is essential for learning to take place. The students need to know what they are learning and be able to explain what they are learning. Vocabulary is a way in which their learning is enriched, becomes rigorous and relevant. 

Vocabulary walls, games, morning message, interactive notebooks, and videos are all great ways to teach all students vocabulary.

Here are some thoughts from this amazing book:

Here is a vocabulary page I use with my kids. We have math vocabulary journals. Enjoy and I hope it is as useful for you as it is for me! Click on the picture to download!

Now click on the math girl below to go see what some other educators had to say about Chapter 2!


  1. I loved this chapter, too! Vocabulary is so essential for kids to truly understand what they are learning. I had never thought about it being like a second language before. That was the part of the chapter that was really eye-opening to me!

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  2. Thanks for visiting! I love teaching my kids vocab!!! It is amazing how much they soak in!!!