Thursday, June 18, 2015

Teaching with Intention Book Study Chapter 2

I am linking up again for this awesome book study! Teaching with Intention by Debbie Miller is a professional book that all teachers should read at some point of their career!

Can I just say that I loved this chapter! Reflection is so important in order to insure success for both you and your students! There are so many times that we just go on and not think what did I do and what can I do to make things better?

Here are some of my beliefs:

All students can learn!

Students need to be exposed to all things and be given the opportunity to fail! (Fail is their First Attempt In Learning and it is a must not a negative)

I can learn from my kids as well!

Environment creates the learner!

We are a team (My students and I)

Children learn from a multisensory approach!

Music should be incorporated throughout the day!

Model Model Model!

Students will strive to meet your expectations! set them high!

Access to all materials is vital!

Now there will be times when your beliefs and those of the powers to be will be at odds- now is where the toughness comes in. You need to make a decision- what they believe in or what you believe in and know is best for your kids! 

Here is a form for you to download and keep your beliefs close:

Now onto Reflection: This is so important and needed! Even after 20 something years of teaching I reflect at the end of each day. Debbie Miller suggests writing your thoughts down in a notebook! reflection provides so much information and allows you to analyze what you did, your students did, what went right, what needs to be fixed, did they understand it or do you need to reteach it better. Should this be done next year? 

Here is a form for you to write down your daily reflections:

And now some quotes and ideas from the author!

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