Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Building Mathematical Comprehension Chapter 1

I am linking up with A Teacher Mom for her book study on the book, Building Mathematical Comprehension written by Laney Sammons.

Can I just say that I absolutely love every book written by Laney Sammons! She is amazing! Her Guided Math Model is awesome! I used that this year in my first grade classroom and how their math skills soared! So when I saw the opportunity to do another book study on one of her books, I jumped at the chance!

Comprehension skills in Math!? Many will look at you and say no there is not that is for reading only! But no, it is not!

Math like Reading needs to be understood in order for success. All good readers and all good mathematicians need to comprehend what they are learning. 

Chapter 1 was so informative and it was full of insightful information. I had to literally rewrite this post because it was so long at first! I basically summed it up as best as I could! Being a kindergarten teacher and now a first grade teacher, I always taught comprehension in Reading and focused on the fluency but it was not until this year when I was moved to First Grade where I focused only on Math and Science did I see the importance or the relationship of comprehension and Mathematics. 

Through focusing on those subjects only, provided me the opportunity to really delve deep into math and Laney Sammons helped me. Her insights into Math are insightful and informative. I can not wait to read and post about Chapter 2.

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