Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June Currently!

Oh my! I am so far behind in my blogging!!! I got hurt at work and have been unable to be on the computer for long periods of time and I just finished school yesterday and just finished moving my classroom yesterday so I am just now catching up on all of the posts I have missed! I am linking up with Farley from Oh Boy 4th Grade for her Currently Linky!

So here is my June Currently!

Listening: I am listening to a Lifetime Movie while I am blogging and trying to cool off!

Loving: I am loving that my head does not hurt anymore from my concussion! 

Thinking: Even though it is Summer and we are finally out of school, I am thinking of all the things I need to do to get ready for next year!

Wanting: I am currently addicted to the Jurassic Park Blizzards and I really want one!

Needing: My ac fixed. It is rather hot for me and the guinea pig! Unfortunately, they can not get here until Thursday! So I have fans blowing on the guinea pig and myself!!!

Summer Loving: I am hoping to actually RELAX some and hopefully take some trips!!!

So that was my June Currently but I also want to let you know of a great cause for those of you who are animal lovers! Farley has created an account that you can donate some to help Wimberly Adoption Group and Rescue! Please check it out! 

Click on the button below and Go check out what some other awesome educators are Currently doing for the month of June!!!


  1. I get being behind on blogging, but school, health, & family have to come first. I see you are also a clipart addict too, Mel is so awesome!!! How scary getting hurt at work. I am glad you are doing better! Cute blog by the way!!
    The Apple Basket Teacher

  2. I hope you get your AC fixed soon! When I lived in the northeast, we never had AC or just had it one room, but now that I am in the south, I can't imagine being anywhere without central air! We had a hurricane a few years ago and our power was out for three days and it was AWFUL. Feel better soon and enjoy your summer!

    Mrs O Knows