Sunday, December 8, 2013

Reindeer Padlet and song!

How the weeks are flying by! Last week we concentrated on the gingerbread man! Oh how the kids loved it. This week it is reindeer.

With each unit, I create a padlet, a song and pointers for my kids to read with. They love to get the new pointers!!!

Here is the link for the padlet, the song in my TPT store and I have included my reindeer pointers for you to use in your classroom. I just print, laminate and hot glue the reindeer to tongue depressors and away we go!!!!!

The link for the padlet is:

Here is the link for my song in my TPT store!

Link to song on TPT

Here are the reindeer pointers! Enjoy!!!!!


Here is the padlet embedded for you to see!

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