Friday, December 13, 2013


Last year, a tragic event happened in Newtown, Connecticut. All we could do is sit and pay the violence well end and then afterwards pay that it doesn't happen to us. The new of that horrible event made the world of education take a step back and see that we are not as safe as we thought. Teachers including myself ran home and hugged their children. On December 14, the parents of the children in Newtown, Connecticut, ask that we do random acts of kindness to honor and remember those lost in the Sandy Hook tragedy.

It is a shame that we live in a world where our children have to worry.about this or even have to have the drills we do to keep them safe in the world we now live in.

We honor the educators who lost their lives everyday in our classrooms. We keep their hopes and dreams alive everyday by insuring the children are loved and are receiving the best school and education possible.

So please, on December 14, do some random acts of kindness in memory of the brave educators and children who lost their lives and who have been forever touched by the Sandy Hook tragedy!


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