Sunday, December 8, 2013

A special visitor to Room G7

Oh my! A special visitor has come to Room G7 and what an adventure we have had!

Monday was the day of arrival! When the kids arrived, they found a poem from the elf and some elf kisses at their desks! Boy, were they excited! They looked around for the elf and could not find it!
We read the book Elf on a Shelf and found our elf. It took a while and the kids could not believe that he was taking a ride on our Listening Rules Ship! We had to vote on a name for our elf and after much discussion the name Freddy was chosen!!!

Here is Freddy on the day of arrival!
He has a special Santa key that explains how he uses this key to get in and out of our classroom at night!!!

Then it was Tuesday and that little mischievous Freddy wrote his name all over our classroom! We came in and found him with a marker in his hand and his name all over our room! The activity that Santa sent us was to write our name fancy and to draw a snowman for every vowel in our name, a christmas tree for every consonant and a snowflake for every letter! Our name graffiti posters were so cute!

Here is a picture of Freddy and some of the places where he wrote his name!

Day three was a fun and exciting day! Freddy left us special seeds all over the room! We had to plant them into the special soil that Santa sent. Unfortunately, Mrs. Price's Phone went on the blink and Freddy couldn't fix it no matter how he tried! So we did not get pictures of our special seeds!

Day Four was when the special seeds grew into trees on a stick! very exciting! When we entered the classroom today, Freddy was sitting on the headphones keeping guard over the special treat he brought for all! They were YUMMY!!!

 And finally it was Day 5 and oh what a day that was!
Freddy was making a snow angel and next to him was a special container of Magic Dust! This dust allowed us to hold our elf and get our picture taken with him. The catch is it only lasts for 30 minutes once it is sprinkled on the first child and it can only be used once! Boy did we have to hurry! I can happily report that all the children got their picture taken with the elf and we had 4 minutes to spare!!!

Can't wait to see what happens next week!!!

 What a wonderful week and to share this week with you and the wonderful weeks that other classrooms have had thanks to their visitor, I am linking up with two awesome teachers for an Elf Linky Party!

Click on the picture below to see what other elves have been doing in classrooms all over the country!

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