Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Farewell to our Special Visitor!

Well, It is the last week of our special visitor. The children enjoyed Freddy's company tremendously!
I have linked up with Seusstastic and Apples and ABCs for the week 3 Elf Linky.

 The elf had a busy week!

On Monday, he lassoed a Reindeer! He was exhausted from all of this activity!

On Tuesday, We celebrated the Polar Express and Freddy was asleep from all the activity from Monday! He slept in a secret spot and left a note for the kids!

On Wednesday, He was captured by Skippy Jon Jones!
On Thursday, He was hanging from the lantern! The kids had a hard time finding him! My picture does not show him at all :(

On Friday, his last day, Freddy was a flower and he had a letter from Santa Claus telling the children that although our last day of school before break is today and Freddy will be going back, does not guarantee they will be on the Nice list. they still have to behave until Christmas Day! He left the kids some candy canes as a treat for being so sweet to Freddy!

So this has been our three weeks of adventure with our elf, Freddy! He has gone back to the North Pole until next year!

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