Friday, March 10, 2017

ESGI and their Pot of Gold

I love ESGI! It saves me over 400 hours per year! What can you do with an extra 400 hours during a school year? 

So what is ESGI? It is an assessment tool that allows you to assess your kids online! That's right online paperfree!!!

My firsties love it! They beg to be assessed!!! I love it because I can assess for report cards in one day! I can give formatives throughout my unit and not worry about excessive amounts of paper and grading! That's right! It grades it for you as well!!!

You can make an assessment that is aligned with exactly what you are doing or you can go to the test explorer area and find one there! There are 100s to choose from!! 

Differentiation has never been easier! We complain about having to differentiate our instruction but assess the same, no longer! You can create assessments based on your kids abilities!! 

Need assessment and data points for your IEPs?! Go no further! You can create your own in ESGI and print off the results and bring it to your IEP meeting! Progress monitoring has never been easier!

But it gets better!! Parent communication is a breeze with ESGI!! You have the ability to print off parent letters for each child with the assessment data and what needs to be a focus! There are flash cards that are also available to print off to send home so the parents can help your kiddos at home!!

This is truly an amazing and a can't live without program!

Now for the amazing information! ESGI is having a promotion!! Between now and April 10, 2017, of you sign up using my promotion code below (

Or by clicking on my button on the sidebar for ESGI, you will be able to get a free trial period but not for only 60 days! You will be able to use ESGI for free until August 31, 2017! That is 5 months! At the end of the five months if you can't live without it (which you won't be able to) then you can get it for the promotional price of $159!!! 

Also! You will be entered into their Pot of Gold giveaway! They are giving away a mystery prize! Announcement of the winner  will be made on April 11,2017!

So what are you waiting for click for you free trial period and you will soon have to figure out what you are going to do with an extra 400 hours per school year!! 


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