Sunday, March 26, 2017

Snappsy the Alligator

I love teaching point of view! I especially love teaching third person! I absolutely love teaching about the narrator!!!!! 

My all time favorite book to teach about third person is Snappsy the Alligator! Have you read it???? If not, you must!!! My kids love it!!!

Click on the picture below to go to the link on Amazon! You will not be sorry purchasing this book!!!!!!

Here is a quick summary! Snappsy the Alligator does not want to be a part of this book. He is just minding his own business! Chicken the narrator makes him a part of the book. The conversations are priceless and the kids will love it!!

I have my kids do a directed drawing activity. Then they watercolor them! They come out so cute!!!

Then they write about the point of view and we display them in the hallway!

Click on the pictures  below to get the writing paper and the hallway display title and synopsis!

I hope you love this as much as my kids and I do!!! 

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