Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Mardi Gras

I love giving my kids opportunities to experience things they normally would not! Fat Tuesday is one of these opportunities! 

I transformed my room into Mardi Gras! I put out purple and green table cloths. Crawfish were hanging throughout the room. Mardi Gras decorations were hanging throughout as well as in the hallway for a photo booth!

When they entered the class they walked through purple, green and gold streamers and there was New Orleans Jazz and Blues music playing in the room! 

We did two read the rooms today! A Mardi Gras vocabulary read the room and a one less, one more, ten less and ten more read the room! They wore their masks and beads that they received this morning!!

To end the day, we had King Cake and boy were they excited! They all were searching their piece of cake for the baby which one of the girls found!!!

Happy Mardi Gras!!!












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