Friday, March 17, 2017

Crocodile Pie and Leprechauns, Oh My!!

This was a busy week in room G12! We worked some more on our poetry unit! We read the poem Crocodile Pie and The Crocodile and the Dentist! We compared the two and then we made crocodile pie!!!

The kids loved it! Of course, we had to write anhow tonpiece and then create a crocodile out of Astrobrights amazing paper!!  

Here are some pics! 

The recipe for crocodile pie is to take a vanilla pudding cup. Add green food coloring and stir. Then dump it out on a plate and with a spoon form it into the head of a crocodile. Add candy eyes  and then eat!!

Here is their crocodiles they made and their writing in the hall!

This week was also St. Patrick's Day! We love this day! Silly McGilly came to visit us! If you have not heard of him, you must check him out! Click here to see him! 

Here is what I did in my room for decorations and so on!

We used gold color mist to turn our oreos into gold coins!! The kids were so amazed!! 

They loved how our little leprechaun left his foot prints all over the room!
Tonmake the foot prints, put green paint on the side of your hand and press it onto the surface you want him to step on. Then use your pinky to make his toes!!!

Of course, we have to get our picture taken with our Melonheadz leprechaun!! 

We graphed lucky charms and made leprechaun lunch. Leprechaun punch is from Deanna Jumps Leprechauns unit!! I love this unit!

We also read my favorite book, My Lucky Day. We then wrote about our Lucky Day and made a leprechaun out of Astrobrights paper!

This was a fun and busy week!! I would love to hear how you celebrated St. Patrick's Day in your class!






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