Sunday, January 24, 2016

Our First Skyping Experience

On Friday, we had the most amazing experience! We had our first visitor through Skype. Our visitor was Dan  Colquin, AKA. Rocking Dan Teaching Man! To make it even more exciting, he was visiting us from Australia! My students thought it was so cool that they were seeing and talking to someone in Australia!

They got to sing and learn movements to his songs. The songs they sang were:

Friends of Ten

What Makes a Good Friend

and they learned and sang the song, Let's Make A Pizza. This is a song that he sang with his own class. We were the first class in America to hear this song! We were so excited! They sang this song all the way to the bus!

After we sang with him, he then read us a book. The book he read was called Fearless and it won awards in Australia. The kids love the book and they want me to find it for our class library! So I am on the hunt for this special book!

What was also exciting was that he rewarded them +ClassDojo points, all the way from Australia! 

I was so proud of how my kids behaved and when it came time to ask questions, despite their excitement, they remained seated and took turns patiently. They asked some very insightful questions!

This was such an awesome experience, that they want him to come back and visit soon! 

Here is the link to Rocking Dan Teaching man's Blog:

If you have not Skyped yet with your kids, I highly recommend it. If you are willing to be a guest reader for my class via Skype, please email me. (


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  2. Thanks Cindy it was really fun. Your kids are wonderful! There is nothing more joyful then singing with kids. Thanks for having me in your classroom via Skype.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to Skype with us! The kids loved it and they are still talking about it!