Monday, January 4, 2016

New Years Resolutions!

I love my job! I love it more and more as each year passes! The New Year is upon and it is now time to reflect on what you have done in the past year and create you resolutions about what you will do the coming year! I love teaching this concept to my kiddos!

I always use the book, Squirrel's New Years Resolution! My kids love this book. We review what a resolution is. then we enjoy the story.

Click on the photo below for a link to the book on Amazon!

Here is a video reading of the story as well!

After we listened to the story and discussed what resolution is and what did squirrel finlly say his resolution was, we went back to our seats and made self portraits and wrote down our resolutions!

To make the self portraits, I gave the kids 4 pieces of paper. 1 8 X 11- skin color paper, 2 8X11 any color construction paper and a 12X18 sheet of construction paper.

Here are the steps:
1- Place the 12 X 18 sheet of paper tall like a tree.
2. Choose a piece of 8X11 paper and cut it into a hill- this is the shirt. Glue at the bottom of the paper.
3. Take the skin color and cut it into the shape of your head. Glue it in top of the hill. You now have a head and body.
4. With your final piece of construction paper, cut it into a triangle for your New Year's hat., Glue in the top of your head.
5. Draw your hair and facial features.
6. Write Happy New Year on your shirt.
7. With an exacto knife cut a small circle in the mouth and push the blower through. 

Here are the final products and I have to admit, I love how they are all different!!

Here are the resolutions of my kiddos:

Our paper started off with Bye Bye 2015, hello 2016. This year I am going to:

Here is how they finished this prompt!

Angel: read better.
Jayden: listen and get positive Dojo points and be kind to others.
Olivia: I promise to help others and listen to my teacher and read better.
Michael: be a better reader.
Nathaniel: have fun.
Isha: read words better.
Matthew: read more books this year.
Noah: to listen to my Mom mom better.
Davian: listen and to read better.
Giada: draw better at home and at school.
Connor: to leave work earlier.
Brendon: get better at reading.
Nah'Mi: spenf time with my family.
Sophia: do my work better.
Logan: Listen better.
Sarah: be a better reader.

Here are the New Year's Resolution sheets I created. I have uploaded the powerpoint version so you can change it and use it from year to year!

So we say good bye to 2015 and hello to 2016! here's to an amazing year!!!

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