Friday, January 1, 2016

A Brand New Year.....

I can not believe that it is already 2016! The New Year has officially begun! So my first of many posts for 2016 is my January Currently! I am linking up again with the awesome Farley from Oh'Boy 4th Grade for her monthly Currently linky!

So here is what I am Currently doing:)

Listening: I am listening to the fire crackle in the pellet stove and a rerun of NCIS is on the television.

Loving: I am loving the peace and quiet that I am currently experiencing. This is something I do not have often!

Thinking: Christmas Break is soon to be over and I have a lot to do for school. This is partly because when I traveled to Florida for Christmas to see my family, I brought my computer case. When I got there, (I drive and it took 22 hours!) I opened my case and I left the computer at home in Delaware! So needless to say I did not get any work done that  I had planned!!

Wanting: My tree and decorations to magically put themselves away! I just do not want to do it!

Needing: To write my lesson plans, create some new centers and smart board presentations! 

One Little Word: BALANCE- I have got to learn to balance my home life and school life. Being a single mom, I find this hard to do a lot of the time!

Well there you have it, My first Currently of 2016! 

Happy New Year, Everyone!

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  1. Happy New Year Cindy!
    Oh, man, I would've been so stressed out to have left my computer at home! But at least that meant more time with your fam. Hope you get all of your projects done! :)

  2. I love your magic word! Balance is always hard. I have been using my time more wisely this year at school so that I can leave every day at the same time-ish. I also try to take little home so that I can work on products and have family time. It must be even harder with only one of you. Good luck...and Happy 2016! Stop on by...

    Renee at The Science School Yard

  3. Happy 2016! I can imagine how stressful it was to discover the computer was left behind. Balance is so hard and so important. Set limits for yourself for school work.
    Funky First Grade Fun

  4. Balance is a good word because that's what I need this semester with work and gym time! I also need to work on lesson plans and centers as well! Enjoying relaxation so much, I've put those things off!

    Happy 2016 and best of luck this year!