Friday, January 8, 2016

Learning about Needs and Wants with Pigeon!

I love the Pigeon books! I think Mo Willems is an amazing children's book author! The pigeon character is endearing and is one that the kiddos just adore.

In Social Studies, one of the concepts in First Grade is to teach the students about needs and wants. I was thinking how I could do this and have the kids enjoy it and I thought, Pigeon. 

So I chose the following Pigeon books to teach my students about needs and wants:

I created a smart board lesson using these books. The kiddos turned and talked about what they thoughts needs and wants were. we discussed needs and wants. We then went into reading and listening to the 4 Pigeon Books. I have incorporated links to videos for each of the four books in my smart board presentation.

After we listened to the whole story, we created an anchor chart listing the needs and wants of the Pigeon- The needs we listed were:
and my kiddos insisted on bath!

The wants were:
drive a bus
hot dog
hot dog party
to stay up late

Then we did a directed drawing activity. Here they followed me as I drew Pigeon step by step. We then wrote the needs and wants on this paper. here are a few of my kiddos awesome masterpieces:

Click on the pic below to go to my TPT store to view and purchase my Pigeon smart board presentation!

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