Monday, January 18, 2016

Martin Luther King Jr

Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. is such an important part of social studies. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did so much to make this world a better place for all races that it is a shame not to teach about him.

Every year, I teach the kids about what he believed in. The color of our skin does not matter, we are all alike on the inside. I teach them this through an egg activity. I take a brown egg and a white egg. I let them see them. Compare them. Hold them. They determine they are different colors just like they are. Then I crack them open and we see that they are exactly the same on the inside just like we are.  This really brings that idea home for them!

We also read two books about Dr, Martin Luther King Jr.

This is written by his sister, Christine King Harris. I love the story and the illustrations. It portrays Martin in such a way, we can all relate to him!

This book takes his famous quotes and tells his story!

We then made our Martin Luther King Jr's for the hallway. I love how they all came out differently but they all had the same size materials to start with!

Here are the directions to make these adorable Pictures! Click on them for the link to the actual document you can download!

Here are the posters I made for the hallway display! Feel free to click on them and download them to use next year or for your display this year!!!

There are many more books to read and activities that can be done with this amazing man! I have just listed those we did this year! have a great January!!

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