Monday, January 18, 2016

Mad Science

We had an awesome day on Thursday! We had mad Science in the afternoon! The kids absolutely loved it! I found disposable childrens lab coats and safety goggles on Amazon! They thought they were so cool wearing these like real scientists. I also dressed up as the Mad Scientist. I found my wig, googly goggles and lab coat on Amazon as well.

We did 3 experiments with the 3 states of matter and they loved it. They all got the materials and followed my directions to a tee.

First experiment was bouncing mouse droppings. They put an alka-seltzer in a glass of water and then dropped in chocolate sprinkles. They watched the sprinkles bounce up over the lip of the cups!!!!

The second experiment was their favorite! They combined bone dust with snake venom. This was our messiest experiment! The mad scientists put 2 spoonfuls of bone dust (baking soda) in a cup. They then added 1/2 cup pf snake venom (green vinegar) They loved the reaction! Please check out the photos below!

The third experiment was Mad Scientist Punch. They mixed sherbet with Sprite and watched the reaction. They loved it and then drank their concoction!

So Science was a hit today! Here are pictures of my kiddos and me as a mad scientist!

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