Friday, August 28, 2015

Creative Teaching Press, GoNoodle and Class Dojo: A Recipe for a Happy Classroom!

I love the products from Creative Teaching Press! They make such a wonderful addition to any classroom. They add color! They add pizzazz! They just add happiness!

So, here it is another school year! I have been moved again this year to a different classroom and I thought OK This is a blessing in disguise. Now i can make my room just the way i want it because I am essentially starting with a clean slate!

Thanks to Creative Teaching Press, I was able to use some of their amazing products to just create away! Being an exclusive blogger, I get to use products and blog about them so I am excited to share all the amazing things I did with these products!

I love GoNoodle and Class Dojo so by creating awesome materials for my classroom using their characters, My kids have a fun yet educational classroom that brings a smile to their face!!!

My room!

My word wall and lockers! The locker tags and pockets are the chalkboard collection and turqouise dots from CTP!

Writing center!

Writing center!

Word wall using the chalkboard banners and letters from CTP!

Tweet area!

Front of my room!

My small group area! They will write on the Dry Erase minions!

My science wall and Birthdays! I used the turqoiuse dots letters, the double border and the black lettering from CTP!

My room!

My table caddies made with Chalk it up banners designer cut outs and GoNoodle and Dojo characters!

My table signs to hang from the ceiling made with painted palette designer cut outs and GoNoodle and Dojo characters!

My room!

My wall of sayings! My happy place!

My reading area!

My Reading area!

My reading area!

My pencil spot! I made the sharpen and broken pencil buckets with the pencils from CTP. The sign is made with the Turquoise dots designer cut outs and the letters!

Outside my door with my GoNoodle and Class Dojo Buddies! The banner is from Vistaprint!

Loving my mustache border from CTP for my outside wall display!

My Mail boxes!

My Math center

the inside of my door as you walk in!

My Door with my CTP mustache from the photo booth collection!

Here I used the paint chip border from Creative Teaching Press to outline the Critics Corner in my reading area!

I used the painted palette designer cut outs for my How we Go Home sign in my room. I also used the paint chip border for the post!

I used the Chalkboard sticker letters for my Hug your Heart and Kiss your brain treat jars!

I love Creative Teaching Press and all that I got to do with them! GoNoodle and Dojo are amazing and between the three my classroom is a happy place!

To see some more awesome ideas and ways to use Creative Teaching Press products, click below to visit Http://

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  1. Your room looks amazing Cindy! I hope you enjoy the new school year!