Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday Made It- GoNoodle Champ/Hero Sticks

Hello, I am linking up with 4th Grade Frolics again for her weekly Linky..... Monday Made It!

I love this linky! This is a great resource to see all the awesome things teachers are making for their classrooms! It really is an inspiration and a wonderful place o get ideas and to share ideas. So here is my

How many of you use GoNoodle??? I love GoNoodle but I do not love the loud discussions my students seem to find acceptable to have when we have maxed out our champ/hero and need to choose a new one. Do you all have this situation????

Well, I decided to make a GoNoodle Hero Stick Choice cup.

Now there will be no more loud discussions over who will be our next champ. I will now choose a popsicle stick and whoever the champ is on the stick is who our next champ shall be.

I bought one of those awesome little trash cans from Walmart!

These are $1.00 at Walmart! I love these!!!!

Then I printed out the champs and a label. I glued the champs to a popsicle stick and wrote their names on them.

I glued the label to the front of the can and put the sticks inside and voila... A GoNoodle her/Champ stick can! Click n the picture below to get the label and champs to glue on the top of your sticks!

So there is my GoNoodle Champ/Hero Stick can! I hope this can be useful for you! Click on the picture below to go see what some other talented educators made on Monday!!!!

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  1. That's a great idea for choosing the next champ! I always number off the mascots and have my students show me with their fingers which one they want. The one with the most votes wins. I also tell them that we will get to ALL the mascots by the end of the year, because we usually do. That way, they aren't too upset when their pick doesn't win.