Friday, August 7, 2015

Something Awesome from Class Dojo

Can I just say, I LOOOOOOVE Class Dojo! They are awesome! Teachers request and they do the best they can to make it happen!

Well, First we wanted groups and they did it! It was released on July 21, 2015! Now we are going to have............. Wait for it!............. Are you ready???............................................... I am so excited!!!

We will have.....

What is Class Story?????

This is an awesome tool for teachers to share stories from class using photos! They can use text updates! This can be your newsletter! This can be your place to write reminders to your parents!!! You can share photos from field trips, projects and class activities!  

 These posts are shared only with the parents who have connected with Dojo! NO ONE ELSE!!! This is a safe way to share what is going on with your class without worrying about outsiders looking! Unlike class websites, Instagram or Twitter, only the parents who are connected can view the stories and photos you put in your class story! Only the teacher can post! parents can only share if they like it with a heart! This avoids any negative comments that could be made by accident! What is nice is that we can see when parents read these posts by receiving read receipts!

I am so excited to be able to share this with my parents! I am also a parent and I hope that my daughter's teacher uses Dojo and that she will be sharing things with us throughout the day and throughout the school year!

Now Class Story will work on all computers, IOS Devices and Android! Right now, it is in the testing stages! They want to get all possible bugs out before they release it to you to use! I will keep you posted and tell you when it is available for everyone to use! 

Can I just say that those hard workers at Class Dojo are amazing!!! I can not wait to see what will be happening next! 

To see more about this on the Class Dojo site and to sign up to be on the wait list, click on Mojo below!!!!


  1. Hi, Cindy! I just started back on Class Dojo yesterday. I noticed the new add on "things". Thanks so much for sharing because now I can go in and it will be easier to figure it all out. I love Class Dojo and that will be another great resource to use. Can't wait to share it with my parents!! Enjoy your weekend! Linda's Learning Loot

    1. The new add ons are awesome! If you need any help with any of the new features please do not hesitate to ask! Enjoy Dojo! Have a great year!!!!