Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tuesday Book Talk on a Thursday

I am linking up again with Deanna Jump for her Book Talk Tuesday! In math class, we read the book Tally O'Malley written by Stuart Murphy! The kids loved it!!!!

Thisn is a story about a family going on vacation to the beach. they are the typical family who plays car games and games to keep the kids occupied. Well, their favorite game is the Tally Game. They choose an object and color and find as many as possible in a certain amount of time. The kicker is they have to keep track of their items using tally marks.

The book explains and shows how to make proper tally marks.

Here is their first game with the tally marks. They chose color of cars. The brother named Eric won because he always wins! or so he thinks! The winner is called Tally O'Malley and they receive the tally medal!

here is the little sister named Nell who finally won and is now called Tally O'Malley.

Here is a sign I use to teach tally marks to my students!

They craeted themselves and we discussed what important numbers about us could we use and represent by tally marks. they brainstormed and came up with: My fingers, My age, My class and My family. here is the sign that I created to display themselves as a Tally O'Malley in the hallway!

 Here are a few examples of themselves portrayed as Tally O'Malley!

They loved this book! I Loved this book! I recommend this book to all primary math teachers!!!

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