Thursday, September 18, 2014

Constitution Day!

Can I just say, I Love Constitution Day! I love History!!! Every year, I teach my children about the Constitution on this wonderful day! well, then they moved me to First Grade and I am team teaching! Well, I teach Math and science! So in order to teach this I decided we will create a Math Class room Constitution so I was able to justify it in my lesson plans and I taught this amazing unit!!!

First we read the book, We The Kids! Love this book! We talked about what the Constitution is and why it is important and related it to our real life! Click below to be able to purchase a copy of this

Product Details

Then we watched a couple videos on the Constitution on You Tube. Here they are:

and here is the book on You Tube if you do not want to purchase it!

Then we wrote our Math Class Constitution!

and we made ourselves as Mathematicians thinking about our favorite thing to do in Math and hung these around the Constitution in the Hallway! The Children loved it!

The kids loved Constitution Day!!! 

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