Friday, September 26, 2014


We are absolutely enthralled with GoNoodle! This program is excellent for all ages. It is so important for the kids to be active throughout the day. there are many students who do not have the opportunity to be active when they go home and the only exercise they get is when they are at school in Gym Class. It is so important for the students to be given the opportunity to get up and move throughout the day! This is vital for their academic success as well. Brain breaks are conducted in our classroom throughout the day.

I space them out so that they do 2 in the am, 1 after lunch and then 2 before they go home. This has proven to be quite successful! My kids stay on task more. They are completing their assignments, behaviors are manageable and they are just plain happy!

Here is a video of my kids doint the I Like to Move it brain break on GoNoodle.

Go visit for an amazing site full of brain breaks that will increase the academic success and the happiness of your students during the school day!

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