Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Monday made it with a giveaway

Hello all!!

I am linking up again with 4th grade frolics for her Monday Made it linky party.

I made a ten frame out of sitspots! My kids loved it. Sitspots made me a special strip to cut to make the ten frames. I then got two different color circles for the kids to place in the ten frame. I also made a number sentence shell out of the sitspots strip!

The kids rolled the die and then placed the appropriate number of yellow circles into the ten frame. They then rolled the second die and put that many black circles in the ten frame. They then created the number sentence at the bottom.

They loved it.

Here are the pictures!!!!

Click on me to go to the giveaway page
I just wanted to share this and a giveaway that is happening. If you visit my blog there is a giveaway for a 60 dollar gift certificate for Sitspots! Please check it out.

Also click on the picture below to see what some other awesome educators have made this week!!!

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