Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Storybook Sunday on Tuesday

I am linking up with another amazing teacher for a linky for storybooks! This is a linky party to share storybooks we have read o are going to read! I love these linky parties because they are a great resource for educators and parents to follow and build up their libraries. I believe that children need to be immersed with great literature as much as possible!

So thanks to Paula's Place, here is another great resource to find great literature!

The storybook I will be reading this week is in honor of the winter olympics! This book features our favorite character, Tack the Penguin! Tacky is competing in the Winter Games!

Here is the storybook and it's link:

Check back later this week to see what we do with this book and to see what we do for the Olympics!

Click on the link below to see more storybook choices by some amazing educators!

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