Sunday, February 23, 2014

Polar Bears

We finished our polar bear unit this week!

The kids loved all of the activities that we did. They were so excited about all of the books we read and all of the facts they learned! They could not believe that a polar bear has black skin, that it's hair is transparent and that it can swim 90 miles!

Here are the books we read and a link to purchase:

They were also in disbelief that blubber is what keeps it warm! So we did the blubber glove experiment! They were so excited and funny!

The looks on their faces were priceless when they put their hand in the blubber glove and then their other hand in the cold water!

Here are some pictures:

The one book we read that they loved was Who Would Win? Polar Bear versus Grizzly Bear by Jerry Pallotta. They made a prediction, told us why they made the prediction and we graphed them. We then read the book. They had to tell me why the Grizzly Bear won!

We made Polar Bears and the children wrote one fact from our chart onto their Polar Bear.

We also labeled a polar bear and wrote about him! Our centers were also polar bear themed!

So that was our Polar Bear Unit!

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