Monday, February 3, 2014

A snow day and penguins!!!

Well, we are home today because of the snow and I thought, Great, now I can post our penguins!!!! I am very excited about this unit!

The kids had a blast learning about these polar animals! They were amazed that the Emperor Penguin was their size and that the Fairy Penguin was only 13 inches tall.

We read a penguin book, nonfiction, to start out unit! Then we read several books throughout the unit! Click on the books for links to purchase on Amazon and

 Here are the nonfiction books we read:


Then of course we read some fiction books as well! Here are just a couple:

After we read the nonfiction books, we created our penguins and wrote penguin facts on their bellies!
Here are some of our penguins:

We also did an activity where they had to tell me if it was a penguin fact or not a penguin fact. We taped them onto the correct penguin! We hung this from the clothes line!

 For Math, They followed me as I drew a penguin on the Smart board and then they had to measure the different parts of the penguin with cubes. They had to write their answers on the correct line!
Here are some of our math penguins:

Our activity for Tacky was a venn diagram comparing and contrasting Tacky to his companions! We discussed what it means to be an odd bird and what companions are. They then had to tell me traits about Tacky, his companions and things that they both have in common. We wrote these on our venn diagram that I made to look like a penguin with a bright yellow bow tie! Here is our venn diagram:

We also labeled penguins and read many emergent readers about penguins! I made penguin reading sticks for each child. Below is a free  penguin labeling sheet I made! Just click on the penguin for the link!

Label a Penguin

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