Monday, February 24, 2014

Storybook Sunday on Monday!

I am linking up with Paula from Paula's Place for Storybook Sunday. This linky is a way for us to share storybooks with each other. I love books! What teacher doesn't! This linky provides us with a resource to find wonderful storybooks to share with our class!

The storybook I want to share is Olympig by Victoria Jameson.

This is a great story to use to teach children that doing your best and not giving up is more important then winning! Boomer the pig is training for the Animal Olympics. Each event he enters, he comes in last but no matter how frustrated he feels, he never gives up and he maintains a positive attitude. The illustrations are wonderful.

This story encourages children to never give up no matter what!

Click the button to see some other books recommended by some awesome educators!

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