Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Must Read Monday Linky Party

I am linking up with the wonderful Teaching Maddeness for a worthwhile linky! Must Read Monday is a linky where we post the worthwhile books that we read in our classroom. This is an awesome resource for educators to share and learn new literary texts to read in our room! This is a great way to build our libraries with worthwhile literature!

This week I would like to share two books that I read in my room. Since we missed Thursday due to the snow, we ended up doing Valentine's Day today! I read 4 books but my students absolutely loved these two the best!

The first one they enjoyed was Pete the Cat Valentine's Day is Cool! 

Of course, the first thing my kids did when I brought out this book was yell, "Yay, It is Pete the Cat!" They absolutely love Pete the Cat! 

Pete the Cat does not think Valentine's Day is cool and this is something that many of my boys related to. They thought it was a yucky day as one of my little kindergators stated. But thanks to his friend, he realizes that there are many cats who are important who deserve a valentine. Then he makes valentines for all of the groovy cats that he knows. He gets so excited about making valentines and realizes that Valentines Day is actually pretty cool! He also learns from his friend that giving a valentine is nice but showing the person is worth much more! This book teaches the kids a great lesson!

My other book is Love Monster written by Rachel Bright!

Monster lives in Cutesville and he is the only one who is not cute! He feels so out of place that he goes out in search of love! He wants to be loved for who he is not for how he looks. He looks everywhere for love and becomes discouraged and just gives up. On his way back, he finds another monster to love. The message in this story is that love finds you when you least expect it. It does not become a reality just because you are looking for it.

Throughout the book, my kids just kept saying Awww and they felt so bad for this lonely monster as he searched for love. They were so happy when he found someone who loved him for him not for his looks!

Not only was this such a cleverly written story but it has bright illustrations that are pleasing to the reader! 

Well, these are my two books to share. Click below to see the book choices of some awesome educators!


  1. I also read a couple of books to my first grade kiddos on Valentine's Day and these 2 were part of the collection. They loved both of them. I am a big Pete the Cat fan, but Love Monster was new to me this year and now one of my favorites. I love these linky parties. Thanks a bunch!

  2. Hi Cindy! Thanks for sharing these books - I love finding new holiday themed books. I tend to go back to the same ones every year and want to try and mix it up!

    Kate :)
    McDee's Busy Bees