Thursday, January 2, 2014

January Currently

I am going to sound very silly but I am so glad to be able to link up for the January Currently Linky party with Farley. It has taken me a little while to figure out how to create the Currently chart on my Mac! Well, I was relieved to find out that it was not me that was having the difficulty it was my Mac! There were some things that had gotten disabled, making it difficult for me to complete a lot of things while blogging. But now it is all fixed!

So here is my january Currently!

Listening: I am an addict to the ID (Investigative Discovery) channel. So what am I listening to??? The shows on this awesome channel as I try to make my New Year's Blogging Resolutions come true!!

Loving: We have a Snow day tomorrow! I am loving this because unlike many other states, we are not allowed in our classrooms during breaks! Well, this makes it difficult when we are returning the day after break and the students come back with us. i am loving the snow day tomorrow so I can get things ready for the following week so I am not as STRESSED out!

Thinking: My five year old has lost another tooth. That is four in a month. If she keeps this up, she is going to be toothless. Well, I am thinking if she loses any more teeth, she will not be able to eat solid food!

Wanting: CHOCOLATE CAKE but I can't because I started my new diet today! Let's see how successful I am! HA HA HA

Needing: Balance! I need to find a balance between home and work!

Memory and/or tradition: Our Yearly memory Jar! My five year old and I have a special jar that we place memories in throughout the year and on Christmas eve, we sit and share the memories with those who are spending this wonderful time with us!

So there is my January Currently!


  1. I found you from Farley's Currently. I am also doing a memory jar this year. It is my first time...last year I tried but didn't finish! Chocolate cake sounds like a great idea too!!! Enjoy your snow day!
    Third Grade Love

  2. I love doing the memory jar. It is so refreshing to see all of the happy and joyful things my daughter and I have experienced throughout the year! Thanks for visiting.