Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Together Teacher

Can I just say that I have read one of the most helpful and awesome books that I have read in a while!

Being a member of the Jossey Education Ambassador Program, we were to pick  a publication, read it and discuss it. The book I chose was The Together Teacher by Maia Heyck-Merlin.

When I read the description, I knew this book was for me. Being a veteran teacher of 21 years, I have my issues with organization due to my plethora of materials and the fact that I can’t find my calendar because of the condition of my desk.
What I found most helpful about this book was it covered everything. Organization of my calendar, inbox and my classroom.
It introduced me to Daily and weekly worksheets. These are a resource which you plan out your week, write down appointments, deadlines, Priorities, schedule, emails/calls you need to make, to dos, and upcoming events. It essentially kept me on track. I returned emails and calls that needed to be. Through prioritizing items of the week, I accomplished all that I needed to. This has been a lifesaver.
I loved the idea of creating a poster that tells and shows the students what is expected of them. This helps organize your day right from the start.

Another feature I loved was the note taking section. A form is provided to organize and maintain your notes from meetings. It divides it into sections: Main Topic, Next Steps, and other notes.
Not only does this book provide you with a plethora of ideas and procedures to become a Together Teacher, but it also comes with a CD that includes all of the forms seen throughout the book. It includes color calendars and many many templates.
The ideas and suggestions in this book are ones that can be used by teachers of all varieties: Veterans, Newbies, Elementary, Middle and High School, quite honestly a lot of these templates can be used by many professions.

Here is the link to the Together Teacher website:

Listen to the author talk about this awesome book in this short video:

Click on the book below to purchase this amazing book:

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