Friday, February 27, 2015

Who said money does not grow on trees?!

My student teacher just finished her big EDTPA project this week! Her focus was on money and boy did she do an awesome job!! My kids loved this unit and they did an amazing job with this hard to grasp concept.

The students focused on money this week. They did centers based on money (adding and recognizing coins). They had Math with teacher focusing on coins. They were read books. They sang the awesome song, Show Me The Money by Jack Hartman. Money was earned throughout the week for tasks they completed.This money can be used on Monday to purchase items from our class store.

as a culminating activity, the children made money trees. They were given patterns to make trees. Then thy were each given a different amount they had to represent on their tree using the different coins. Once this was complete, there was a sheet to fill out telling us about the coins on their money tree. This was then displayed in the hallway.

Here are a few of the books we read and some others that are a great addition to your classroom library on this unit:

Here are some songs:

Here are the pictures of the money trees:

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