Friday, February 27, 2015

Are you an Indoor Recess Survivor?

I love to get mail! Raise your hand if you do too! You know you do!!

So I go to my mailbox in the staff center and what do I see a package from GoNoodle!!! OMG!!!! I love GoNoodle. These brain breaks are amazing!! My kids love them!!!

So I open my package and what do I see???????

I got  an awesome flag that I now have hanging on my classroom door!!!

I got stickers to give all of my kids!!!! I got a pair of gloves for high five kitty!! (If you GoNoodle you understand!!!), some coloring sheets for my kids and some wonderful information sheets to share with teachers to get them started with GoNoodle!

I thought I was excited!! My kids loved it just as much! GoNoodle is an everyday occurrence for us! They love all of the brain breaks and with the weather being as lovely as it has been (no, not as lovely as Massachusetts) the Indoor Recesses have been a blessing!!!

Here are some pictures:

You have to go and try this site out if you have not!! Click on the GoNoodle character below to go to the site!!!

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