Sunday, February 15, 2015

President's Day

This is my absolute favorite time of the year for teaching. I know it is cold and I know there is snow at this time but I just love teaching my first and kindergators about the Presidents!

I absolutely LOVE Abraham Lincoln. I think he is the best President we have ever had. Because of my enthusiasm, my little gators love him just as much!

Just a little trivia question???? How much did a lock of Abraham Lincoln's hair sell for last month?
Give up!!!  25,000 dollars!!!

I love to teach George Washington also but I can not tell a lie, I focus alot more on Abraham Lincoln!!!

To teach my kiddos about the Presidents, I integrate them throughout my day.

I read lots of books and we do so many different activities.

Here are some of the books I read:

Love this book! An awesome nonfiction book!

Brad Meltzer focuses on Abraham Lincoln's trait of staying true to what he knows is right. This series are written in a conversational manner that young readers and listeners can understand! Other books in this series are I am Amelia Earhart, I am Rosa Parks, I am Jackie Robinson, I am Albert Einstein and I am Lucille Ball.

A book that is focused on what Abraham Lincoln is known for, his hat!

A young girl walking in the park passes a man who looks like Lincoln, heads to the library, and dives into research so compelling that she has to share it with us. My kiddos loved this book!

Some activities for Lincoln are:

Make a life size Abraham Lincoln and compare their heights. Also, measure him using nonstandard units.

Have the students draw Abraham Lincoln by doing a directed drawing lesson! Then add some facts about Abe!!

Through a follow me activity, the students all have the same amount of paper. They make Abraham Lincoln by following you. They do not draw anything. They cut as you cut and they glue as you glue. They then add all details at the end. Have them write some sentences about Abraham Lincoln.

Hang your life size Abraham Lincoln out in the hallway with facts on laminated sheets. This makes a great display for President's Day!

Make stovepipe hats from black construction paper! Kids love wearing them!!!

Here are some books for George Washington:

Here are some books about Presidents' Day:

Here are some movies or videos to share with your kids:

I hope this provides you with some resources to teach about these awesome men!!

Have a great week!!

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