Sunday, February 1, 2015

Solids, Liquids and Gases Oh MY!

This week we have been discussing Matter in our first grade classroom. The students have been so intrigued since my introduction to this unit.

To introduce this unit, I found through blogging an activity that uses a root beer float to introduce the three states of Matter! I thought wow, amazing and my kids would really get the concept.

So my student teacher and I began our unit on matter! She did the questioning and I did the experimenting. After she asked them to put on their thinking caps and think of how we can get all three states of matter into one glass, I began the demonstration.

The looks on their faces was priceless!!! When they saw the solid (ice cream), the liquid (root beer) and then the reaction of the liquid and the solid (the foam created is the gas!)

Then onto our homework! I asked the students to bring in either a solid, liquid, or gas in a ziploc baggie. They came in the next day soooo excited. When we went to share what we brought in, one of my sweeties was so upset. She took out her bag and began to cry. When asked what was the matter, she said her solid was gone. She showed us a bag of water. She said, "I brought in ice cubes as my solid!" Poor baby! I said to her, honey do you remember the book we read the other day for our snowman graph?" She said, "Yes, A Snowy Day." I asked her, "what happened to Peter's snowball that he put in his pocket?" "It melted", she said and then she goes , "Oh now I see!"

These moments are what makes my job the best in the world!!!

Looking for some good books to teach Matter? Here are two of them that I found on Amazon and they are awesome!!! Click on them to go to the links!

Great pictures! Great Facts! Kids love this book!

In this book, A teacher named Mr. Whiskers conducts several experiments and activities with his kids. It is a great resource for your matter unit!!

Monday, we will be going on a matter scavenger hunt and ending our three day week with an awesome experiment! I will blog more about this unit as we go on!

Have a great week!

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