Thursday, July 4, 2013

Getting Acquainted Linky

I am linking up with all og my blogging friends and those who I hope will soon be my blogging friends for this awesome getting acquainted linky hosted by Flying Into First.

Here is what we need to do!! The linky is a tic tac toe board. You need to choose three topics to write about and they must make a tic tac toe! So here is the board!!

So here is my tic tac toe!!

1. I went to ______________ college and a favorite memory

Well, I went to the University of Florida!! GOOOOO GAAATTTTOOOOOOORRRSSSSS!!!

 and my favorite memories of school have to be all around the Football games at the Swamp!! If you have ever been there you will understand the amazing feeling you get when you enter and when you chomp your way through a gator football game. The tailgating and the games are absolutely life changing!!!

2. Share about your first year of teaching.
Well, my first year of teaching was in a kindergarten class with 42 children. I was overwhelmed. I had very little assistance from anyone. I started in February and I was the 7th teacher to have braved this situation. I would have to say that it was like herding cats. The children were everywhere!! These cowboys know how I felt!!

I hope you enjoyed the video because it depicts what happens when you out 42 kindergarteners and a new teacher in one room!!!!

3. My grade to teach and why

By far my favorite grade to teach is Kindergarten. Why???? Because they come in as young children without many of the skills needed and they leave young ladies and young men reading, writing, adding and smiling. There is an energy that yu get when you teach Kindergarten! The students are amazing and their zest for life and love of learning makes every day a new and wonderful experience! Who would not love to teach in a world like this!


  1. Hey fellow SEC fan! I'm a UK grad, but I've definitely cheered on your Gators during the NCAA tourney. :-) I found your blog through the Linky and I'm your newest follower.

    Renee J
    Growing a Teacher

    1. Hello there!!! Thanks for visiting!! It is nice to be amongst SEC friends!!

      I will be jumping over to your blog ad giving you a shout out!

      Thanks again for becoming a follower!!!

  2. I would have to agree, I love teaching kindergarten. I'm going to be teaching 3rd this next year but am just thankful for a job so the grade doesn't matter too much :)