Saturday, July 20, 2013

AAAAAArgh you ready to start shopping?

Sorry everybody that my post is a little late!!! I just picked my computer up from the computer hospital where it has been recovering from burnout for the past four days and I could not post this from my smartphone! :( 

So,Who doesn't like to go shopping with the girlfriends?! This fun linky party gives you a sneaky peeky into everyone else's shopping cart. Here's how it works: Snap some pictures of your back to school finds. Blog about your school supplies. Put the image above on your post and link it back to this blog. Then come back and add your blog to our linky party. 
Wait...there's more! You can link up today and for the next two Saturdays. At that time, the store will close. We'll draw names to select one shopper as the winner! If you win, you'll get to pick an item from each of stores as our thank you for joining.
Hosts are....yours truly: Mrs. Price's Kindergators. And...

 Pinkadots Elementary

Now here's my Super  Saturday share...

I am addicted to school supplies!! I love them and will always have a good reason to buy more What better reason then the Target Dollar Spot!!!!!! I should really say I am addicted to buying anything for my classroom!!

I have bought foam clocks to show what time specials and lunch are!!! Very excited and cannot wait to put these on my wall!!!

I bought dry erase pocket charts!!! Love anything that is dry erase!!!

Flashcards galore is what the dollar spot has and they even had dry erase addition ones!! <3

Of course, they had pencil cups for my small groups and Dr.Seuss stickers!!!

This was just a few of the things I got at the Dollar Spot! 

Did I stop there?...

No way, I went to Staples and I got glue, post its, ducktape and memo pads.

Did I stop at Staples??? Of course not, I hit Big Lots and got some containers!!! These are for my book bins!!

Did I stop there??? Nope, one more stop...Walmart and I got myself a mustache tank and some plates to use as dryerase boards in small groups!!!

Don't forget to link up! I can not wait to see what everybody purchased and see all of the awesome ideas you all have!!!!


  1. My first Linky Party! Woooo! Super fun! :)

  2. I got more of the flash cards, too. I put them in my writing center. Thanks for hosting with me! Jayne
    Smart Kids
    ABCs of Reading

  3. I love your finds! Those Big Lots bins are so beautiful. I want to keep going back to buy more...but I really shouldn't, lol :)Love doing this linky! :)

    ♡ Lori

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