Saturday, July 27, 2013

AAAAArgh You Still Shopping???

Well, here we are! It is week 2 of the 

Boy, have I had a busy!!! I am moving so I have to pack up my house so my cart was filled with more then just school supplies this week!

Before I show my cart, I have a little quote that really cracked me up and I think it relates to many of us! I put it in my post about the 10 Things I Learned from teaching but it fits here as well!

So now onto my shopping this week!

I went to three stores this week: Target, Party City and Staples! I went crazy in Party City!

At Party City, I found some cute lanterns and fans to hang from my ceiling. I also got some eye patches for my AAAAAAAArgh You Having a Birthday pictures, pirate pencils for their birthday bags and a pink mustache pencil topper and pencil!

I am going to use the Pink Mustache as my talking stick, They will hold it in small group when they Mustache me a question!

I was disappointed with Target this week! :( They were cleaned out but I was able to get my Story Cubes. I was very excited about this. I will be using these in small groups and also to choose what they will be writing at times in their journals! We will also be using them to create class and group stories together.

My last stop was Staples!! Of course I found some things that I NEEDED!!!! They had amazing pens onsale and of course their 25 cent deals are worth the trip!

Now, I did buy other things that are not pictured because they are for my Back To School Blogger buddy!

Well, gotta get back to packing!!! I move on Wednesday!!!

I can not wait to see what is in your cart!!!

Happy Shopping, everyone!!!!!!!

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  1. Story Cubes! I am jealous! They certainly didn't have those at my Target. Now I feel as if I should drive to another. Love your lanterns and such from Party City. I also bought them but had to return them as we aren't allowed to hang anything from our ceiling. Good Luck with your move!