Sunday, July 21, 2013

Elmers Glue: Not Just For Crafts Anymore!

Attention all!!
How many of you love Elmers Glue? We continuously tell our little ones, "just a dot not a lot!"
Well, I am excited to be sharing with you a club that they have just for teachers! This is free to join. You just go to Once you join and create a profile, you are all set. You can access lesson plans, share lesson plans and find projects to use in your classroom. You can also upload projects that you do as well.

They also have a teacher blog that had some wonderful posts! Very informative!! And it doesn't stop there..
They have this awesome app called the 1st day of school app. Just download and you can take pictures of your kids and write any quotes they said. You can chronicle all of your kids first day of school throughout their lifetime or your classes throughput your career! This app allows you to create and share memories of the first day of school. If you use it with you can create and share slide shows of the first day of school with your friends and families. What is even more amazing is for every picture uploaded, Elmers will donate a project to Kids In Need. What a great way to share your memories and provide an opportunity for others to receive the supplies they normally would not be able to!
Go check this club and app out! They are free! They are a great resource! What do you have to lose????

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