Friday, July 5, 2013

Enthusiasm!!! Do you have It!!! Chapter 6 of Teach Like A Pirate

Oh my!! I am a little behind in my book study so I will be posting several chapters over the next two days!!

This chapter is on enthusiasm. Did you notice that we started with passion and ending with enthusiasm? These are the pinnacles!! Passion and enthusiasm are needed t be the teacher we all should want to be!

Dave Burgess has some wonderful insights throughout this amazing book. The one quote I would thought I felt hit home and we all know teachers like this is and I quote, "I'll always choose a teacher with enthusiasm over weak technique over one with brilliant strategies but who is punching a clock. Why? An enthusiastic teacher can learn technique, method, and strategy, but it is almost impossible to light a fire inside the charred heart of a burned out teacher." This quote really says a lot about our system.

Enthusiasm is what makes our students succeed. Enthusiasm is what keeps our hearts young. Enthusiasm is what makes our classrooms a second home not just a job. Enthusiasm is what sets teachers apart. Enthusiasm is what make the students want to come to school. Enthusiasm is the sark that lights the flame inside every child that enters our room.

Without enthusiasm and passion what do we have? We have clock punchers!

Remember if you are enthusiastic those around you will be enthusiastic. As the doors sang, Come on baby light my fire!! This is what our students are looking for and need. Somebody to light their fire for learning and success!

I loved this video and thought I would place it here. Yes, teachers are people too! This is a point that many people seem to overlook!!

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  1. I have been seeing everyone posting about this book, I'm definitely going to have to get myself a copy! It sounds like a great read :)