Friday, March 16, 2018

STEM Made Teacher Friendly

How many of you love the idea of STEM but are nervous about what it will look like in your classroom? Scared about finding activities? Worried about getting the materials and about the cost of the materials?

Well, my teacherfriends, Carson Dellosa has done it again!!!! I love this company and all that it creates for teachers! I always have! But their STEM box is amazing!!!

They have created a group of STEM lessons just for us! This box has  30   Lessons ( 10 lessons for physical science, 10 lessons for life sciences and 10 lessons for earth science) and they are all for grades 2 to 5 but my first graders could do them with a little changing of the directions (a little more explanation or different vocabulary at times)! 

These lessons come on laminated cards with the visual list of materials needed on the front! All materials used are found in classrooms and schools so we do not have to go into debt to supply our kids what they need in order to complete these activities! The challenge is also listed on the front! These activities are kid friendly and can be used independently, small group or even whole group!! There is so much flexibility with this product!!! 

The cards are laminated for durability and on the back of each card are questions in each area to ask your students to extend their learning!!! There is also a little more information about the science behind the activity! 

I used these cards as whole group activities at first! I did this just to familiarize them with the cards and what my expectations were when they were completing them! After we did two as a whole group then I let them choose activities as a small group! Once I was comfortable with them completing them as a small group, I have put them out to use independently when they are done with their work. I also use them on science days as an activating strategy, the lesson or a science day wind up!

This stem kit is amazing and I highly recommend it for any Classroom! 

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