Thursday, March 8, 2018

Love Your Melon

Have you ever heard about Love Your Melon? This company is absolutely amazing!!!! 

I love children and I love any company that shares this love! And if there is one thing I totally support is any company that supports pediatric cancer! 

Love Your Melon is a company that has a mission that is unlike any other! They donate beanies to children with cancer. For every hat sold they donate a hat! Click here to check out their mission!

Their hats are gorgeous! Here is their beanie!!! I love it!!’

It is soft and comfortable! My favorite hat by far!!! Of course it is also my favorite hat because it helps children!

They also give 50 percent of all profits of all Love Your Melon products to their partners to help childhood cancer!!! This just brings tears to my eyes!!!!
Love Your Melon was a class project created by two friends in an entrepreneur class in Minnesota at the University of St. Thomas in 2012! They have been working to find a cure and to help childhood cancer since 2012! They have donated over 4.3 million dollars and have given over 132,000 hats! 

Please check them out and please help this awesome company to find a cure or to help them help children fight childhood cancer!! Click here to check them out

Here is something else that is amazing!! I have a beanie to giveaway to one of my lucky readers!! Just enter below to win an amazing beanie like mine!!!

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  1. What a great company! I love the fact that they have a cause and are helping to raise money for that cause!! Plus their hats are really cute! Looks warm and I spend a lot of time outside in the cold!

  2. I love when companies focus on causes rather than profit. The hats are cute and look very comfortable. This would be a great hat for playing outside in the cold or recess duty. Thank you for the chance to learn more and receive a hat.

  3. Such cute hats AND a worthwhile cause! Thank you for sharing their story!

  4. Looks like you have a really warm head for those winter days!! Great cause.

  5. They are a great company! The Pittsburgh Penguins sold these hats actually to help support the cause!

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  7. What a great company for a great cause! No better excuse to buy one get one, can’t wait!