Saturday, March 10, 2018

Hue Products and a Giveaway

As most of you already know, I absolutely love Hue products. I learned about them from the very first French Lick Teacher Blogger Retreat I attended 3 years ago! Their products are amazing!!

The first product I ever used was the Hue Projector Camera. It is a document camera! I love it and I use it when I Skype. It is flexible, easy to use and the picture is so clear. I love how easy it is to use!

Here I am using it to Skype with my dear friend, Rocking Dan in Australia.

The next camera I used  and am absolutely in love with is the Hue Animation Camera! This camera is amazing! It comes with a great book to read and become familiar with your camera as well as the process!

Here is what you will get in your box!!!!!!

After I read the book and I suggest reading the book beforehand because it is a great resource, I searched youtube to see what others have done just to get an idea and to make sure I truly understand the process myself. Then I made a smart board presentation to share with my kids! This is a great tool to teach adults as well. My student teacher used this as a guide for her project!

The smart board and the power point presentation  (in case you do not have a smart board) are below! Just click on the pics below for the presentation to download and use in your class room!

                        smart board presentation

Power Point Presentation

Here is how I ran my lesson:
1. I went through the smart board presentation! We reviewed all the parts of the camera,  the different roles that they would have , all expectations of behavior and how to properly treat the camera, and we watched a video (included in the presentation) on how to take pictures.

2. After we went over the presentation and reviewed all the different roles they will have, my kiddos split into production teams and began their journey into making a movie about their why they love their family! They were given charts to fill out and share their reasons with their table mates.

3. Then they got together as a class and took all their materials (notes, pictures, etc) and put it in the order they wanted their movie to be in. Now I have first graders and they just loved this activity!!!!

4. Once they had everything the way they wanted it, the movie production began. They set up the camera and had the view they liked. They took the pictures and they did the narrating. All we did was assist when they asked for help and made sure things ran smoothly!
5. When we have our movie completed and we have exported it, we have three choices:  Creatubbles, YouTube and QuickTime.

Creatubbles is an awesome new site that have partnered with HUE. It allows us to upload our Hue Animation Movies to a site that is safe for our kids to use and upload their creations to. It will give their creation a link to share with their friends and family so they can all enjoy their creations!

Here are just a few things we found to be helpful when making the movies:
- take several pictures of the different objects or drawings- this will give you a good amount of space to add narration. We found that it is best to take about 11 different pictures and set them at 1.00. 
- make sure it is really quiet around the camera and computer. It does pick up other noises.
- save it as you go along.
- If they are going to use illustrations, we found that the brighter the pictures the more vibrant their movie is! My kiddos used Kwik Stix paint sticks!

Here is the movie they made! I love this for their first one! They are going to make another one this semester and I will post it for you when they do! Click here for the link to their movie!

Here is a video of me teaching one of my classes about how to use this awesome camera!

The last product I want to share with you is the tablet stand! This is amazing! It attaches to your small group table (any table really I just use it at my small group table) and holds your tablet. The arm is movable so you can show your tablet in a variety of positions. It can also be used with your students so they do not have to hold the tablet while they are using it. I love this. It makes my sight word review during small groups more efficient!

Here is what it looks like!

I love these products and I have an exciting giveaway to share with you! Hue has given me all three of these products to giveaway to one of my lucky readers!!! So please enter the rafflecopter below to enter and win this tech pack!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I would love to use this in the classroom to allow my students to create animated stories. They spend time writing narrative pieces but this would bring their stories to life. The camera looks more student and teacher friendly then the ELMOs. This would provide de an interactive approach to learning.

  2. I would use this for our end of year celebration and students would complete a class book to be shared at our ceremony.

  3. I would love to have my students use this to animate their creative writing!

  4. I would love to use this in my classroom to allow for a more interactive writing experience!

  5. I would have my students complete a unit on novel writing with the basic elements of a story. Then they would integrate the story elements seamlessly into play.

  6. The HUE animated studio has been on my Amazon wish list for 3 years now! As a single mom it’s a lot to swing but so worth it!! I’m just drooling at all the features it has and my students would be ecstatic to make a movie because they just LOVE collaborative group work!

  7. These products are amazing!! I would love to have these for my Iditarod projects! My kids learn so much and this would be an incredible way for them to show case what they learned!

  8. We homeschool and our seven year old is already planning a career in video game development. This would be an amazing start to learning about how animation works and showing her how to bring her stories to life. -Jenna

  9. I am going back into the classroom next year and I will be working with high risk middle school students. I can definitely see myself using this to engage them but more importantly I can see them using it and loving it. My students definitely need something like this to help build their confidence and to help hem be fully engaged in the lesson.
    Staci Erickson

  10. I teach middle school film and we currently don’t have enough cameras or any animation software. This could really improve our schools film program and further engage students in the filmmaking process

  11. What an amazing pack to win! My students would love this! Thank you for the chance to win this giveaway!

  12. I teach in a first grade classroom at a title building. I would love to have this in my classroom to teach Student show to use different technology for their future. I would also love to use this for publishing writing and expanding on comprehension during reading groups. Thank you for the chance to win these amazing items!!


  13. I’m working on student tutorials and having students own their learning...this would be the perfect next step for them to create projects linking their learning with the their community. Thank you for the awesome giveaway!!

  14. This would be fantastic for interactive writing and collaborative work. It has so many features. Thanks for the opportunity!