Sunday, February 18, 2018

Dalmatians and Year Of The Dog

Thursday was such a busy day at school! It was the 101st day of school and it was Chinese New Year! I know Friday was technically Chinese New Year but we were out of school for a professional development day so we learned about it on Thursday!

So Thursday was Dalmatians and Year of the Dog! Of course y kiddos thought that was awesome because they were dogs on the day we learned about Year of the Dog!! Lol!!!

First the Dalmatians! For the 101st day of school (first grade doesn101 since they do 100 in kindergarten) we dressed like Dalmatians, did activities with the number 101 and got a sweet snack to bring home! 

Then we focused on Chinese New Year! We transformed the room for Chinese New Year! 

We started by reading an awesome book about a little girl who who went to her grandmothers house to celebrate Chinese New Year because her grandmother could not come to her this year. She met the animals of the Chinese zodiac along the way and they went with her! The book is called Ruby’s Chinese New Year.

I bought mine at barnes and noble but it is also available on Amazon. Click here for amazon link

I read this before we began my smart board about Chinese New Year. I told them to remember what happened and to make a connection with the information they will soon be learning!

They were so excited! 

As we learned about a tradition, we stopped and went back to our seats to make it! First we learned about paper lanterns! Thanks to oriental Trading  I got foam lanterns for them to decorate! We learned about the lanterns and then went to our seats and created them to bring home! 

After the lanterns we then went back and learned about the red envelopes and the coins! Of course, we had to make these also!!! Thanks to Oriental trading, we made really cool ones!

If you noticed the items on their tables! They all got a Chinese New Year, placemat ( which they search for traditional Chinese New Year items) a coloring book and a pencil! I got all of these from Oriental Trading!

Of course , we had to get chocolate coins for good luck!

I am a blogger for oriental Trading and I revived these materials in exchange for my own honest opinions. These are my own opinions and they have not been affected by oriental Trading in any way! 

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